Treos Vineyard


Our vineyard is located in the southwest of Willamette Valley, south of Monmouth, Oregon in the rounded valleys on the edge of the coastal mountains.

Vineyard Map The Willakenzie soils that sustain our south facing 20-acre vineyard slope on a 5-12% grade maximizing sunlight and exposing the vines to drying breezes to minimize fungal infections. The vineyard rises from 350 to 550 ft in elevation capped by an Oregon Oak savannah. (See vineyard map)

Pinot Noir:

To achieve our goal of producing a full-bodied pinot noir that fills your palette with rich dark berry and dark cherry flavors, we selected several French clones. Specifically, Pinot Noir 115, 667, 777, 828 and 943 Dijon clones. We prefer these over the Pommard clone, more commonly planted in Oregon, for their ability to fill the mid-palate hole found in many Oregon pinot noir's.


We are inspired by the delicate, golden muscat wines from top producers in French Alsace. Typically the muscat grape is used to create sweet desert wines in Spain, Italy, France and Australia. Many of these wines are excellent but they miss the possibilities the muscat grape can bring when fermented to near dry. A near dry muscat creates a delicate, refreshing white wine maintaining the aromatic delicate floral and apricot bouquet. We have planted both Muscat Ottonel and Muscat Blanc (aka Muscat of Alexandria).

Pinot Gris:

We use Oregon's popular pinot gris grape to make a Pinot Gris wine and we blend it with muscat to create the delightful Stolen Kisses wine. When we first tried this blend, one of our fine ladies made it clear we could do any other wines we wanted, as long as we kept her supplied with Stolen Kisses!


Four of our group lived in Spain for a few years and fell in love with the amazing Albariño wines from the northwest corner of Spain. So after a trip to investigate climate and talk to the local grape grows and vintners we were excited to learn that the climate in the region we felt made the best Albariño was very close to the central Willamette Valley climate. To our delight the vines are doing great and providing a bold, crisp white with wonderful minerality.


For the last several years our winemaker, Dave, has been on a hunt for another red wine grape with the possibility of the depth and complexity of Pinot Noir. One of his favorite wines, other than Pinot Noir, is Brunello di Montalcino. Montalcino is located on an old mountaintop at an elevation of nearly 2000 ft (600 m) where the climate is much cooler than the surrounding area. It happens to be very close to the climate in our vineyard. Over the centuries some Sangiovese vines have adapted to grow in the area around the top of the mountain, the location where the most cherished of the Brunello's hail. So in 2015 we planted 1000 vines of 2 clones of Sangiovese originating from this mountaintop. Now with anticipation and required patience we await the results.